Mimi's Homestyle Cafe take 2

 Although I stopped working at Mama's Royal Cafe about a zillion years ago, it ruined me for eating breakfast anywhere else. So I have learned to cook a great breakfast at home. I love me some pancakes, and usually I use this recipe, which really gets excellent if you take the time to find some fancy artisanal buttermilk, believe it or not. Normally I eschew pancake mix, but if you doctor up the Kodiak Cakes stuff I got at Costco - and trust me, it does need doctoring up -with buttermilk, an egg, and a little butter you got something going on! Even if you fake buttermilk by adding 1 T. of vinegar to 1 cup of regular nonfat milk! #immyownwaitress #fishseddy #thecustomerisalwayswrong #coffee #overeasy #waitress #breakfast http://dishes.fishseddy.com/housewares/Mimi-Pond