It's All Happening!

I'm very excited to share with you both the endpapers and the  tour poster for "The Customer is Always Wrong." Tour dates may be added as momentum picks up for my book, available on Amazon. If you're in San Diego, L.A., Oakland, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Portland ME, NYC, or Columbus, please come see me!  I don't think I can express how satisfying it was for me to make map endpapers for this book. Sometimes I think that I might create a book just for the excuse to do map endpapers! I really get pretty verklempt about this whole thing. It's only been the culmination of a 29 year-old dream, since the first day I went to work at Mama's Royal Cafe in Oakland, CA back in 1978. I might also stress that this book is a work of fiction, inspired by real-life events. I never intended for this to be a history of actual people or events, but instead a creative expression of what it was like to be alive at that place and at that time.